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ITU-T Study Grup 16 Structure (Study Period 2001-2004)

Study Group 16 - Multimedia services, systems and terminals

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Working Party 1/16 - Modems and facsimile terminals
Question Title
H/16 Accessibility to Multimedia Systems and Services
11/16 Voiceband Modems: Specification and Performance Evaluation
12/16 DCE-DCE protocols for the PSTN and ISDN
13/16 DTE-DCE Interfaces and Protocols
14/16 Facsimile terminals
Working Party 2/16 - Multimedia platform and interworking
Question Title
D/16 Interoperability of Multimedia Systems and Services
F/16 Quality of Service (QoS) and End-to-End Performance in Multimedia Systems
G/16 Security of Multimedia Systems and Services
K/16 Mobility for Multimedia Systems and Services
1/16 Multimedia Systems, Terminals and Data Conferencing
2/16 Multimedia over Packet Networks using H.323 Systems
3/16 Infrastructure and Interoperability for Multimedia over Packet Network Systems
4/16 Video and data conferencing using Internet supported services
5/16 Control of NAT and Firewall Traversal for Multimedia Systems
Working Party 3/16 – Media coding
Question Title
E/16 Media coding
6/16 Advanced video coding
7/16 Wideband coding
8/16 Encoding of speech signals at bit rates around 4 kbit/s
9/16 Variable bit rate coding of speech signals
10/16 Software tools for signal processing standardization activities and maintenance of existing voice coding standards
15/16 Distributed Speech Recognition (DSR) and Distributed Speaker Verification (DSV)
Working Party 4/16 – Multimedia framework
Question Title
A/16 Mediacom-2004
B/16 Multimedia Architecture
C/16 Multimedia applications and services
I/16 Use of public telecommunication services for emergency and disaster relief operations
J/16 Multimedia framework for e-health applications


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