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Document Management System - DMS
Until January 2002, documents for ITU-T meetings were published on the web using the ITUDOC system. As you may be aware, temporary documents and liaison documents were made available through a separate access: the informal FTP area for each Study Group/TSAG.

The numbering for these documents was not always consistent or unique. Besides this lack of integration and certain scalability issues, ITUDOC lacked a robust security scheme. As a result, ITUís IS Department worked towards the implementation of a strong solution for the ITU. After careful assessment of the needs in the different areas of the ITU, the new ITU Document Management System (DMS) was implemented.

DMS is already being used since last year to make ITU Publications available to the public, and its feature for meeting documents was prototyped for the December 2001 meeting of TSAG. After several improvements, the different ITU-T study groups are migrating to DMS. SG 16 has just been migrated into the new system and its next meeting in October 2002 will utilize DMS.

Summary of the features of the new system:

  • The ITU Web Site provides now a more coherent presentation of the information about Meeting Documents:

  • New tools aimed at information retrieval have been introduced on the ITU Web site for Meeting Documents:
    • A "What's New" page specific to Meeting Documents has been added.
    • A Meeting Documents Search Engine now provides both full-text and attribute-based retrieval. For example it is now possible to retrieve all documents related to a specific question.

  • A unique naming scheme for all ITU documents has been developed and implemented for all meeting documents and is being generalized to all ITU official documents.
    When you download a Meeting Document, the unique name is used for the downloaded file.
    This new unique naming scheme constitutes an important basis for all subsequent efforts in the area of ITU electronic document handling.

Operational changes. With this new system, several aspects of the access to ITU-T meeting documents will change:

  • White and delayed contributions, reports, and collectives for the whole Study Period 2001-2004 are available through DMS. Temporary Documents (TDs) for meetings held after the migration will also be available through DMS.
  • The documents that used to be available through ITUDOC/iFTP before the migration will continue to be available via the older HTTP/FTP interfaces.
  • However, new documents generated after the migration will in principle not be available through ITUDOC/iFTP.
  • Bulk download of documents can now be done using directly the DMS interface. Document filtering (by language and by format) will be added to improve this new facility. Bulk download of documents using an FTP interface will not be possible under DMS because of security concerns.

In the long-term, this is a new system that provides ITU members with added value compared to the ITUDOC approach, and compensates for any migration hurdles we may face now. To support you, the SG 16 Secretariat and the TSB EDH group is available for your suggestions and to help with your questions.

Some requested enhancements. As expected with any new system, there are several areas for improvement. TSB EDH has been active collecting and consolidating issues raised by users, in particular by ITU-T Groups that already migrated into DMS. Here is a list of frequently mentioned issues:

  • facility for bulk download of documents;
  • filtering of documents by working party;
  • sorting of documents by fields other than document number.

If you have any comments or suggestions, please send them to the SG 16 Secretariat (e-mail: ) and the TSB EDH (e-mail: ).


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