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Question 12/15 - Technology specific transport network architectures

(New Question)

Background and justification

Transport network architecture Recommendations (G.803, G.805 G.872 and I.326) have been established and are widely used. As operating experience is gained with employing current transport network technologies and new technologies evolve (e.g. variable size packets, high-speed transport networks, Automatic Switched Optical Networks (ASON)), these Recommendations need to be enhanced or new Recommendations need to be developed, in close cooperation with the standardization activities on transport network systems and equipment. Enhancements are also needed to the requirements for the management capabilities of transport networks. Moreover, requirements for new transport network interfaces need to be studied.

This work is complementary to the activities in ITU-T SG 13 on the more general, technology independent transport network architecture aspects.

Items for study

1) Refinement and enhancement of the transport network architectures in the existing Recommendations G.803, G.805, G.872 and I.326.

2) Development of a new Recommendation (G.tni) to define architectural aspects of transport network interfaces for emerging technologies.

3) Development of a new Recommendation (G.ason) to define architecture and requirements for Automatic Switched Optical Networks (ASON).

4) Definition of applications of Optical Transport Networks including interconnection with other networks for the completion of Recommendation G.873.

5) Definition of generic principles for AIS activation across different transport networks and technologies.

6) The requirements and applications for new transport network interfaces, e.g. sub-STM-1 interfaces, and virtual concatenation of higher-order and lower-order containers.

7) Refinement and enhancement of the management capabilities of networks in the existing Recommendation G.831.

8) Definition of principles of multiplexing and inverse multiplexing in the OTN.

Tasks with deadlines

  • Development of new Recommendations (G.tni and G.ason) by 2002
  • Enhancement of Recommendation G.872 by 2001
  • Completion of Recommendation G.873 by 2001
  • Further enhancement of Recommendations G.803, G.805, G.831 and I.326 by 2003
  • Other relevant Recommendations to be determined.


  • ITU-T Study Group 4 on TMN and network maintenance aspects
  • ITU-T Study Group 13 on core network architectures and interworking
  • ITU-R study groups on mobile, radio and satellite systems
  • IETF


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