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Question 1/15 - Access Network Transport

(Continuation of Question 1/15)

Background and justification

Within the ITU-T, the study and development of Recommendations related to transport in the access network is being carried out in a number of different Study Groups, e.g. SGs 9, 13, 15. Moreover, ITU-R and other standards bodies, forums and consortia are also active in this area.

Recognizing that without a strong co-ordination effort there is the danger of duplication of work as well as the development of incompatible and non-interoperable standards, the WTSC-96 designated Study Group 15 as Lead Study Group on Access Network Transport within the ITU-T.

During the 1997-2000 study period an Access Network Transport (ANT) Standardization Plan and a Work Plan has been developed. The Standardization Plan contains in the area of Access Network Transport a description of the "scenarios" currently being developed and studied and a list of related Recommendations and Standards from the various Standardization Bodies.

The Work Plan lists a number of Standardization Bodies active in the ANT area with names and addresses for contact, communication and collaboration as well as pointing to possible "gaps" and "overlaps" and ongoing standardization activities. Both Work Plan and Standardization Plan are planned to be published using a web-based presentation.


What further modifications and enhancements should be made to the ANT Standardization Plan and Work Plan?

Study items

Study items to be considered include:

  • Maintain and update the ANT Standardization Plan together with other Study Groups and in conjunction with ITU-R and other relevant organizations
  • Maintain and update the ANT Work Plan, identify "gaps and overlaps" by observing ongoing standardization activities
  • Maintain and update the ANT web presentation
  • Maintain co-ordination across the relevant ITU-T Study Groups to ensure all available expertise is utilized to best advantage and in the establishment of priorities
  • Serve as focal point to and provide co-ordination with other standards organizations, fora and consortia to ensure that the consolidation of work plans and priorities is based on a wide range of business, market and technological inputs
  • Operation and Maintenance related Standards activities relevant to the Access Network
  • Standards activities related to security and protection mechanisms in the Access Network
  • Extension of the scope of the ANT Work Plan to higher Layers up to Layer 3 (e.g. IP related Layer 3 functionality)

Specific tasks

  • Update the Standardization Plan (ongoing)
  • Update the Work Plan (ongoing)
  • Update the ANT web presentation corresponding to the revisions of the ANT Standardization and Work Plans in order to maintain easy access to the actual information.


NOTE: It is recognized that some of the information provided in the ANT Standardization Plan and Work Plan relates to organizations that have not (yet) undergone the ITU-T evaluation process described in ITU-T Recommendations A.4 and A.5.

  • ITU-T SGs
  • ITU-R SGs
  • DSL Forum
  • ATM Forum
  • ATIS Committee T1
  • IEEE
  • IETF
  • ETSI
  • SC
  • TE
  • EIA
  • TIA


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