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ITU-T Recommendations on the OTN Transport Plane
The following table lists all of the known ITU-T Recommendations specifically related to the OTN Transport Plane.
Topic Title Publ.*

G.870 Definitions and Terminology for Optical Transport Networks (OTN


Framework for Recommendations G.871/Y.1301 Framework for Optical Transport Network Recommendations


Architectural Aspects

G.872 Architecture of Optical Transport Networks


G.872 Amend. 1 Architecture of Optical Transport Networks


G.872 Living List


Control Plane ASTN/ASON recommendations are moved to specific ASTN/ASON standards page


Structures Mapping

G.709/Y.1331 Network node interface for the optical transport network (OTN)


G.709/Y.1331 Addendum 1


G.709 Living List


G.975 Forward Error Correction


Functional Characteristics

G.681 Functional characteristics of interoffice long-haul line systems using optical amplifiers, including optical multiplexing


G.798 Characteristics of optical transport network (OTN) equipment functional blocks


G.798 Amendment 1


G.798 Living List

G.806 Characteristics of transport equipment - Description Methodology and Generic Functionality


G.7710/Y.1701 Common Equipment Management Requirements


Protection Switching

G.808.1 (G.gps) Generic protection switching - Linear trail and subnetwork protection


G.873.1 Optical Transport network (OTN) - Linear Protection


G.873.1 Errata 1 Optical Transport network (OTN) - Linear Protection


Management Aspects G.874 Management aspects of the optical transport network element 11/01
G.874.1 Optical Transport Network (OTN) Protocol-Neutral Management Information Model For The Network Element View


G.875 Optical Transport Network (OTN) management information model for the network element view
Data Communication Network (DCN) G.7712/Y.1703 Architecture and specification of data communication network 03/03
G.dcn living list
Error Performance G.8201 (G.optperf) Error performance parameters and objectives for multi-operator international paths within the Optical Transport Network (OTN) 09/03
G.optperf living list
M.2401 (M.24otn) Error Performance Limits and Procedures for Bringing-Into-Service and Maintenance of multi-operator international paths and sections within Optical Transport Networks 12/03
Jitter & Wander Performance G.8251(G.otnjit) The control of jitter and wander within the optical transport network (OTN) 11/01
G.8251 Amendment 1 The control of jitter and wander within the optical transport network (OTN)


G.8251 Corrigendum 1 The control of jitter and wander within the optical transport network (OTN) 06/02
Physical-Layer Aspects G.664 General Automatic Power Shut-Down Procedures for Optical Transport Systems 06/99
G.691 Optical Interfaces for single-channel SDH systems with Optical Amplifiers, and STM-64 and STM-256 systems 10/00
G.692 Optical Interfaces for Multichannel Systems with Optical Amplifiers 10/98
G.693 Optical interfaces for intra-office systems 11/01
G.694.1 Spectral grids for WDM applications: DWDM frequency grid 06/02
G.694.2 Spectral grids for WDM applications: CWDM wavelength grid 06/02
G.695 Optical interfaces for Coarse Wavelength Division Multiplexing applications 2003
G.696.1(G.IaDI) Intra-Domain DWDM applications 2004
G.697(G.optmon) Optical monitoring for DWDM system 2004
G.959.1 Optical Transport Networking Physical Layer Interfaces


Sup.39 (Sup.dsn) Optical System Design and Engineering Considerations 2003
Fibres G.651 Characteristics of a 50/125 um multipmode graded index optical fibre cable 02/98
G.652 Characteristics of a single-mode optical fibre cable 03/03
G.653 Characteristics of a dispersion-shifted single mode optical fibre cable 12/03
G.654 Characteristics of a cut-off shifted single-mode fibre cable 06/02
G.655 Characteristics of a non-zero dispersion shifted single-mode optical fibre cable 03/03
Components & Sub-systems G.661 Definition and test methods for the relevant generic parameters of optical amplifier devices and subsystems 10/98
G.662 Generic characteristics of optical fibre amplifier devices and subsystems 10/98
G.663 Application related aspects of optical fibre amplifier devices and sub-systems 04/00
G.671 Transmission characteristics of passive optical components 06/02
*Note: Dates with year only are expected publication dates. Those with month and date are actual pre-published document availability dates or final publication dates.


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