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Structure of SG 15 informal FTP area and email mailing lists (Study Period 2001-2004)
Structure of SG 15 informal FTP area E-mail mailing lists archives (BBS) Address of e-mail mailing lists
  ant   tsg15ant
Access network transport
  gen   tsg15gen
General distribution list for SG 15
  edh   tsg15edh
SG 15 Electronic Document Handling issues
  otn   tsg15otn
Optical Transport Networks and Technologies
  vpnsg13-15   tsg13-15vpn
Study Groups 13 & 15, Virtual Private Networks (VPN)
    gen tsg15wp1
Network Access
    q2 tsg15q2
Optical systems for access networks
    q3 tsg15q3
Support for Recommendations Specifying Systems Based on ISDN Physical Layers
    q4 tsg15q4
Transceivers for customer access & in-premises phone line networking systems ...
    gen tsg15wp2
Network Signal Processing
    q5 tsg15q5
Compression and classification in signal processing network equipment
    q6 tsg15q6
Speech enhancement in signal processing network equipment
    q7 tsg15q7
Voice gateway equipment
    q8 tsg15q8
Interaction aspects of signal processing network equipment
    gen tsg15wp3
OTN Structure
    q9 tsg15q9
Transport equipment and network protection/restoration
    q10 tsg15q10
ATM and Internet Protocol (IP) equipment
    q11 tsg15q11
Signal structures, interfaces and interworking for transport networks
    q12 tsg15q12
Technology Specific Transport Network Architectures
    q13 tsg15q13
Network Synchronization and Time Distribution Performance
    q14 tsg15q14
Network management for transport systems and equipment
    gen tsg15wp4
OTN Technology
    q15 tsg15q15
Characteristics and test methods of optical fibres and cables
    q16 tsg15q16
Characteristics of optical systems for terrestrial transport networks
    q17 tsg15q17
Characteristics of optical components and subsystems
    q18 tsg15q18
Characteristics of optical fiber submarine cable systems
    q20 tsg15q20
Optical fibres for broadband services to and in buildings and homes
    gen tsg15wp5
Projects and Promotion
    q1 tsg15q1
Access network transport
    q19 tsg15q19
General characteristics of optical transport networks
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