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ITU-T Study Group 7 Structure (Study Period 2001-2004)
Study Group 7
Chairman: H. Bertine (USA)
Vice Chairman: V. Ossipov (Russia)
Vice Chairman: B.-M. Chin (Korea)

Proposed Working Party Structure and Rapporteurs

Working Party 1/7 – Data Networks
Chairman: - -

Question Title Rapporteur
1/7 Technical Characteristics, classes of service, facilities and categories of access for networks providing data communications V. Ossipov (Russia)
2/7 Network performance and quality of service in data communication networks G. Couch (USA)
3/7 Numbering and routing for public data networks P. Hicks (Australia)
4/7 Access and Interworking procedures M. Berlant (USA)
5/7 Interfaces and signalling applicable to DTEs and public networks using or providing frame relay services  
6/7 Revision of mature data network Recommendations  

Working Party 2/7 – Open Systems Technology
Chairman: B.-M. Chin (Korea)

Question Title Rapporteur
7/7 IP-related lower layer protocols and service mechanisms S. Yu (China)
8/7 End-to-end QoS multicast communications S.-G. Kang (Korea)
9/7 Abstract Syntax Notation One (ASN.1) O. Dubuisson (France)
10/7 Testing of information and communication protocols S. Kang (Korea)
11/7 Revision of mature Open Systems Interconnection (OSI) Recommendations S. Van Trees (USA)

Working Party 3/7 – E-Commerce / E-Business
Chairman: E. Blausten (USA)

Question Title Rapporteur
12/7 Directory services and systems E. Andersen (Denmark)
13/7 Security services, mechanisms and protocols H. Ohno (Japan)
14/7 Open Distributed Processing (ODP)  


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