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ITU-T Study Group 5 - Study Group Structure (Study Period 2001 - 2004)

Study Group 5 – Protection against electromagnetic environment effects

Chairman: Roberto Pomponi (TILAB, Italy)
Question number Question title Rapporteur
14/5 Terminology Pete Whelan – BT, UK

Working Party 1/5 – Preventing damages and safety

Chairman: Ahmed Zeddam (France Telecom, France)
Question number Question title Rapporteur
4/5 Resistibility of new types of communication equipment and access networks Philip Day – Telstra, Australia
5/5 Lightning protection of fixed, mobile and wireless systems Celio Fonseca Barbosa – CPQD, Brazil
6/5 Bonding configurations and earthing of telecommunication systems in the global environment Pete Whelan - BT, UK
Tetsuya Tominaga - NTT, Japan
9/5 Interference produced by power lines and electrified railway lines into telecommunications networks Hans-Göran Öhlin – Telia, Sweden
10/5 Methodology for solving electromagnetic problems in telecommunications installations Kazuo Murakawa- NTT, Japan
11/5 Maintenance and enhancement of existing recommendations related to human safety in the telecommunications environment Olivier Daguillon – France Telecom, France
13/5 Maintenance and enhancement of existing resistibility recommendations Philip Day – Telstra, Australia

Working Party 2/5 – Emission, immunity and electromagnetic fields

Chairman: Mitsuo Hattori (NTT, Japan)
Question number Question title Rapporteur
1/5 Resistibility, EMC and safety aspects of unbundling and interoperability in telecommunications networks Ryuichi Kobayashi – NTT, Japan
2/5 EMC related to broadband access systems Claude Monney – Swisscom, Switzerland
3/5 Radio-frequency environmental characterization and health effects related to mobile equipment and radio systems Jeffrey Boksiner - Telcordia, USA
Valter Squizzato - TILAB, Italy
7/5 EMC prediction through mathematical modelling Darren Carpenter – BT, UK
8/5 Quality processes using electromagnetic compatibility Antonietta Bochicchio – Siemens, Italy
12/5 Maintenance and enhancement of existing EMC recommendations Paolo Gemma – Siemens, Italy


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