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ITU-T Study Group 3 - Study Group Structure (Study Period 2001 - 2004)

Study Group 3 - Tariff and accounting principles including related telecommunication economic and policy issues

Working Party 1/3 - : Tariff principles related to the network capabilities and service features made available by new technologies
Question Title
  1/3 Development of charging and accounting/settlement mechanisms for network capabilities and services features made available by new technologies
Working Party 2/3 – Charging, accounting and settlement for traditional services
Question Title
2/3 Adaptation of the D-series Recommendations to the evolving market environment
Regional Tariff Groups – TAS, TAF, TAL, TEUREM
Question Title
3/3 Regional studies for the development of cost models together with related economic and policy issues
Rapporteur Group on Definition
Question Title
4/3 Terms and definitions for Recommendations dealing with tariff and accounting principles


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