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ITU-T Study Group 3 - Last meeting results concerning Recommendations (Study Period 2001-2004)

Actions Taken on Recommendations at the June 2004 Meeting of Study Group 3

a) Recommendations determined for Traditional Approval Process (TAP – Resolution 1)

ITU-T Rec. No Title Q Meeting/Date Status
D.604R  The last international transit center pays the traffic    Q.3/3 SG 3 (04/06/04) New

b) Recommendations approved

ITU-T Rec. No Title Q Meeting/Date Status
D.4 Special conditions for the lease of international (continental and intercontinental) sound- and television- programme circuits for private service    Q.2/3 SG 3 (04/06/04) Revised
D.115 Tariff principles and accounting for the international freephone service (IFS)    Q.1/3 SG 3 (04/06/04) Revised
D.116 Charging and accounting principles relating to the Home Country Direct Telephone Service   Q.1/3 SG 3 (04/06/04)  Revised
D.180  Occasional provision of circuits for international sound- and television-programme transmissions   Q.2/3 SG 3 (04/06/04)  Revised

c) Appendix and Supplement approved by SG3

Nature of Doc. Title Q Meeting/Date Status
Appendix to Recommendation D.50 General considerations for international Internet Interconnectivity    Q.1/3 SG 3 (04/06/04) New
Recommendation D.140, Supplement 3 Updated teledensities and indicative target settlement rates (1 January 2004)  Q.2/3  SG 3 (04/06/04)  New


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