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ITU-T Study Group 16 List of Questions under Study (Study Period 1997 - 2000)


Short Title

1/16 Audiovisual/multimedia services
2/16 Interactive multimedia information retrieval services (MIRS)
3/16 Data protocols for multimedia conferencing
4/16 Modems for switched telephone network and telephone-type leased circuits
5/16 ISDN terminal adapters, and interworking of DTEs on ISDNs with DTEs on other networks
6/16 DTE-DCE interchange circuits
7/16 DTE-DCE protocols
8/16 DCE/DCE protocols
9/16 Accessibility to multimedia for people with disabilities
10/16 Testing
11/16 Circuit-switched network (CSN) multimedia systems and terminals
12/16 B-ISDN multimedia systems and terminals
13/16 Packet-switched multimedia systems and terminals
14/16 Common protocols, MCUs and protocols for interworking with H.300-series terminals
15/16 Advanced video coding
16/16 Harmonization of multimedia systems, applications and services
17/16 AVMMS coordination
18/16 Interaction of high-speech voiceband data systems with signal processing equipment in the public-switched telephone network
19/16 Extension to existing ITU-T speech coding standards at bit rates below 16 kbit/s
20/16 Audio and wideband coding in public telecommunication networks
21/16 Encoding of speech signals at bit rates around 4 kbit/s
22/16 Software and hardware tools for signal processing standardization activities
23/16 PCM Modem
24/16 Draft new question, “Variable bit rate coding of speech”
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