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Information Note - BR IFIC 2668

Summary of updates

1. Article 11 procedure

Number of Notices per BR IFIC Part

Part I

Part II

Part III



2206 0 7790


Number of Notices per Administration and Service

Broadcasting services (sound and television)

Other terrestrial services (Fixed, mobile, radionavigation, etc)

CBG: 20, D: 16, GRD: 1, MNG: 20, RUS: 66, USA: 3, VTN: 15

ARG: 5, AZE: 422, BEL: 2, BLR: 2000, CAN: 4, CBG: 4, F: 888, INS: 1591, KGZ: 324, KOR: 612, POR: 276, RUS: 1521

2. Regional Agreements - Plan modification procedures

Notices published in Special Section GE84/167
Part A Part B Part C Total
713 42 0 755


Notices published in Special Section GE06/45
Part A1 Part B1 Part C1 Total GE06D Part A2 Part B2 Part C2 Total GE06A Total
17 87 1 105 131 17 0 148 253


3. Replacement of geographical area code “GDL” for Guadeloupe (French Department of)

As from issue 2668 of 4 May 2010, the BR IFIC (Terrestrial services) will reflect the changes related to the replacement of the former geographical area code “GDL” for Guadeloupe (French Department of) covering islands of Guadeloupe, Saint Bartholomew and Saint Martin by three new geographical area codes “GLP” for island of Guadeloupe, “BLM” for island of Saint Bartholomew and “MAF” for island of Saint Martin to comply with the request of the Administration of France.

The following modifications have been made by the Bureau in its databases and documents:

3.1 The former code “GDL” has been replaced by new codes “GLP”, “BLM” or “MAF” in the fields “Geographical area” and “Zone identification” of the entries in the Master Register and the frequency assignment plan associated with the Regional Agreement RJ81, depending on the geographical coordinates of the station concerned.

3.2 The allotment area “GDL 1” contained in the frequency allotment plan associated with the Regional Agreement RJ88 has been replaced by three allotment areas “GLP 1”, “BLM 1” and “MAF 1”.

3.3 The former code “GDL” has been replaced by new codes “GLP”, “BLM” or “MAF” in the table “Geographical areas” of the Preface to the BR IFIC (see Chapter IV, Section 2). The address codes and operating agencies, which were previously listed for “GDL” in the relevant table of Chapter IV, Section 3 of the Preface, have been entered for each of these three new geographical areas.

3.4 The Global Administrative Data Base (GLAD) has been updated. The geographical area code “GDL” has been removed from GLAD and replaced by new codes “GLP”, “BLM” and “MAF”.

3.5 The ITU Digital World Map (IDWM) has been updated accordingly to reflect the change in the geographical area codes described above.



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BR/TSD/TPR - 26 April 2010



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