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Сектор радиосвязи (МСЭ-R)  
Последние рекомендации

19/12TF.374-6 (12/2014)Precise frequency and time-signal transmissions
01/12SM.1413-3 (2014)Radiocommunication Data Dictionary for notification and coordination purposes
27/11SM.2061-0 (2014)Test procedure for measuring direction finder immunity against multi-path propagation
27/11SM.2060-0 (2014)Test procedure for measuring direction finder accuracy
27/11M.1371-5 (02/2014)Technical characteristics for an automatic identification system using time-division multiple access in the VHF maritime mobile band
22/10M.1850-2 (09/2014)Detailed specifications of the radio interfaces for the satellite component of International Mobile Telecommunications-2000 (IMT-2000)
14/10S.2062-0 (09/2014)Carrier identification system for digital-modulation transmissions of fixed-satellite service occasional use carrier earth station transmissions using geostationary-satellite networks in the 4/6 GHz and 11-12/13/14 GHz FSS bands
10/10BO.2063-0 (09/2014)Alternative BSS earth station antenna radiation pattern for 12 GHz BSS bands with effective apertures in the range 55-75 cm
09/10M.1787-2 (09/2014)Description of systems and networks in the radionavigation-satellite service (space-to-Earth and space-to-space) and technical characteristics of transmitting space stations operating in the bands 1 164-1 215 MHz,1 215-1 300 MHz and 1 559-1 610 MHz
09/10M.1478-3 (09/2014)Protection criteria for Cospas-Sarsat search and rescue instruments in the band 406-406.1 MHz
19/09SM.1875-2 (08/2014)DVB-T coverage measurements and verification of planning criteria
19/09SM.1603-2 (08/2014)Spectrum redeployment as a method of national spectrum management
19/09SM.1268-3 (08/2014)Method of measuring the maximum frequency deviation of FM broadcast emissions at monitoring stations
19/09SM.1051-3 (08/2014)Priority of identifying and eliminating harmful interference in the band 406-406.1 MHz
18/08BS.1534-2 (06/2014)Method for the subjective assessment of intermediate quality levels of coding systems
12/08BO.1443-3 (07/2014)Reference BSS earth station antenna patterns for use in interference assessment involving non-GSO satellites in frequency bands covered by RR Appendix 30
28/07BT.1206-2 (06/2014)Spectrum limit masks for digital terrestrial television broadcasting
25/07BS.1116-2 (06/2014)Methods for the subjective assessment of small impairments in audio systems
17/07BT.2020-1 (06/2014)Parameter values for ultra-high definition television systems for production and international programme exchange
17/07BT.1680-1 (06/2014)Baseband imaging format for distribution of large screen digital imagery applications intended for presentation in a theatrical environment
17/07BS.774-4 (06/2014)Service requirements for digital sound broadcasting to vehicular, portable and fixed receivers using terrestrial transmitters in the VHF/UHF bands
17/07BS.1348-3 (06/2014)Service requirements for digital sound broadcasting at frequencies below 30 MHz
17/07BS.1114-8 (06/2014)Systems for terrestrial digital sound broadcasting to vehicular, portable and fixed receivers in the frequency range 30-3 000 MHz
20/05M.1450-5 (04/2014)Characteristics of broadband radio local area networks
01/05M.1581-5 (02/2014)Generic unwanted emission characteristics of mobile stations using the terrestrial radio interfaces of IMT-2000


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