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Сектор радиосвязи (МСЭ-R)  
Последние рекомендации

14/04M.1580-5 (02/2014)Generic unwanted emission characteristics of base stations using the terrestrial radio interfaces of IMT-2000
10/04M.2059-0 (02/2014)Operational and technical characteristics and protection criteria of radio altimeters utilizing the band 4 200-4 400 MHz
10/04M.1796-2 (02/2014)Characteristics of and protection criteria for terrestrial radars operating in the radiodetermination service in the frequency band 8 500-10 680 MHz
10/04F.1105-3 (02/2014)Fixed wireless systems for disaster mitigation and relief operations
09/04BT.1368-11 (02/2014)Planning criteria, including protection ratios, for digital terrestrial television services in the VHF/UHF bands
07/04F.1336-4 (02/2014)Reference radiation patterns of omnidirectional, sectoral and other antennas in point-to multipoint systems for use in sharing studies in the frequency range from 1 GHz to about 70 GHz
03/04M.2058-0 (02/2014)Characteristics of a digital system, named navigational data for broadcasting maritime safety and security related information from shore-to-ship in the maritime HF frequency band
28/03M.1371-5 (02/2014)Technical characteristics for an automatic identification system using time-division multiple access in the VHF maritime mobile band
26/03BT.2052-0 (02/2014)Planning criteria for terrestrial multimedia broadcasting for mobile reception using handheld receivers in VHF/UHF bands
20/03M.2012-1 (02/2014)Detailed specifications of the terrestrial radio interfaces of International Mobile Telecommunications Advanced (IMT-Advanced)
20/03F.557-5 (12/2013)Availability objective for radio-relay systems over a hypothetical reference circuit and a hypothetical reference digital path
12/03BS.2051-0 (02/2014)Advanced sound system for programme production
04/03M.2057-0 (02/2014)Systems characteristics of automotive radars operating in the frequency band 76-81 GHz for intelligent transport systems applications
04/03M.2008-1 (02/2014)Characteristics and protection criteria for radars operating in the aeronautical radionavigation service in the frequency band 13.25-13.40 GHz
04/03F.1763-1 (02/2014)Radio interface standards for broadband wireless access systems in the fixed service operating below 66 GHz
04/03F.1497-2 (02/2014)Radio-frequency channel arrangements for fixed wireless systems operating in the band 55.78-59 GHz
04/03BT.1833-3 (02/2014)Broadcasting of multimedia and data applications for mobile reception by handheld receivers
28/02BT.2056-0High-level guidelines for the international exchange of HDTV programmes over IP connections for contribution purposes
28/02BT.2055-0 (02/2014)Content elements in multimedia broadcasting systems for mobile reception
28/02BT.2054-0 (02/2014)Multiplexing and transport schemes in multimedia broadcasting systems for mobile reception
28/02BT.2050-0 (02/2014)Use of UHDTV image systems for capturing, editing, finishing and archiving high-quality HDTV programmes
28/02BT.1735-2 (02/2014)Methods for objective reception quality assessment of digital terrestrial television broadcasting signals of System B specified in Recommendation ITU-R BT.1306
24/02S.1503-2 (12/2013)Functional description to be used in developing software tools for determining conformity of non-geostationary-satellite orbit fixed-satellite system networks with limits contained in Article 22 of the Radio Regulations
24/02RS.2043-0 (02/2014)Characteristics of synthetic aperture radars operating in the Earth exploration-satellite service (active) around 9 600 MHz
24/02RS.2042-0 (02/2014)Typical technical and operating characteristics for spaceborne radar sounder systems using the 40-50 MHz band


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