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Sector de Radiocomunicaciones (UIT-R)  

RAG - 20th Meeting of RAG (22 – 24 May 2013)

The 20th meeting of the Radiocommunication Advisory Group (RAG) is being held in ITU headquarters in Geneva from 22 to 24 May. It opened with the unanimous election of the Chairman, Mr. Daniel OBAM, from Kenya and adoption of the agenda. The meeting expressed its gratitude to the outgoing chairman, Mr. Bashir GWANDU, from Nigeria for all the previous work done.

The RAG is tasked to:

  • review the priorities and strategies adopted in the ITU-R Sector;
  • monitor progress and provide guidance for the work of the Radiocommunication Study Groups;
  • recommend measures to foster cooperation and coordination with other organizations and with the other ITU Sectors; and
  • provide advice on these matters to the Director of the Radiocommunication Bureau (BR).

Prior to this RAG meeting, a one-day meeting on the ITU Strategic Plan and on the ITU-R Operational Plan took place on 21 May 2013.

For more information please see: www.itu.int/go/ITU-R/rag.


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