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SG6 - Survey on Three Dimensional Television (3D TV) Broadcasting Systems for the purpose of obtaining the views of the ITU-R Membership

The ITU-R Study Group 6 (Working Party 6C) has been examining the current situation regarding Three Dimensional Television. Working Party 6C, at its May 2009 meeting, decided to carry out a survey on the views of the ITU Membership in order to develop a practical timetable for standardization. There are a variety of potential technical methods of broadcasting such systems, some of which would require new television receivers, and some of which would not.

Though there are different views about whether current technology can provide a system which is entirely free of eyestrain, for those who wish to start such services, there could be advantages in having a worldwide common solution, or at least inter-operable solutions, and the ITU-R Study Group 6 specialists have been gathering information which might lead to such a result.

It would be extremely helpful for Study Group 6 to have views on the aspirations of Administrations and Sector Members in 3D Television and in this respect, it would be appreciated if responses could be made to the questions referred to below. It would be helpful if as many questions could be completed as possible, although it is recognized that this may not be possible in all cases.

The Questions can be completed via an ´on-line´ questionnaire which you will find at the Working Party 6C Sharepoint site, via the URL provided.


Login as: Username: (your TIES username)@ties.itu.int Password: (your TIES password)

As the next meeting of Working Party 6C is scheduled for 2 – 6 November 2009, the deadline for this survey is 16 October 2009, two weeks prior to the meeting.

If you have any questions about this survey (or cannot access the Sharepoint site), please contact :

ITU-R Study Group Secretariat, Email: rsg6@itu.int, Fax: +41 22 730 5806 ­or Mr. N. Venkatesh, Counsellor, ITU-R Study Group 6; Email: venkatesh@itu.int


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