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Radiocommunication Sector (ITU-R)  
Proposals/Agenda item-Provision

World Radiocommunication Conference 2007 (WRC-07)

Note : the Proposals are automatically extracted from the Contributions, which remain the reference documents.

Agenda Item 7.2

7   in accordance with Article 7 of the Convention:

7.2   to recommend to the Council items for inclusion in the agenda for the next WRC, and to give its views on the preliminary agenda for the subsequent conference and on possible agenda items for future conferences, taking into account Resolution 803 (WRC 03)

(English only)
Proposal Type Proposal
("Digital dividend"and 470-862 MHz) ADD UKR/68/1
(ENG) ADD BOT/.../ZWE/54/50
(Res. 951) ADD BOT/.../ZWE/54/49
2.XB ADD IAP/14A2/409
2.XD ADD IAP/14A2/413
2.XYZ ADD CAN/.../URG/226/2 - CAN/USA/78/2
2.y ADD IAP/14A2/417A
5 (806-862 MHz) ADD ISR/85/4
Proposed WRC-2011 Agenda Item ADD CHN/109/4 - FIN/128/2 - IAP/14A2/407 - IAP/14A2/411 - IAP/14A2/416
Rec. 800 SUP ASP/41A28/408
Res. [AF5MHz] ADD CUB/44/51
Res. [ARB/7.2/XXX] ADD ARB/39A23/2
Res. [ASP/AI7.2/1-XXX] ADD ASP/41A28/383
Res. [ASP/AI7.2/1-XXX] (2 to 7.2) ADD ASP/41A28/397
Res. [ASP/AI7.2/1-XXX] (1.10) ADD ASP/41A28/392
Res. [ASP/AI7.2/1-XXX] (1.11) ADD ASP/41A28/393
Res. [ASP/AI7.2/1-XXX] (1.12) ADD ASP/41A28/394
Res. [ASP/AI7.2/1-XXX] (1.13) ADD ASP/41A28/395
Res. [ASP/AI7.2/1-XXX] (1.14) ADD ASP/41A28/396
Res. [ASP/AI7.2/1-XXX] (1.2) ADD ASP/41A28/384
Res. [ASP/AI7.2/1-XXX] (1.3) ADD ASP/41A28/385
Res. [ASP/AI7.2/1-XXX] (1.4) ADD ASP/41A28/386
Res. [ASP/AI7.2/1-XXX] (1.5) ADD ASP/41A28/387
Res. [ASP/AI7.2/1-XXX] (1.6) ADD ASP/41A28/388
Res. [ASP/AI7.2/1-XXX] (1.7) ADD ASP/41A28/389
Res. [ASP/AI7.2/1-XXX] (1.8) ADD ASP/41A28/390
Res. [ASP/AI7.2/1-XXX] (1.9) ADD ASP/41A28/391
Res. [ASP/AI7.2/2-XX1] ADD ASP/41A28/399
Res. [ASP/AI7.2/3-XX2] ADD ASP/41A28/400
Res. [ASP/AI7.2/4-XX3] ADD ASP/41A28/402
Res. [ASP/AI7.2/5-XXX 4] ADD ASP/41A28/403
Res. [ASP/AI7.2/6-XX5] ADD ASP/41A28/405
Res. [ASP/AI7.2/7-XX6] ADD ASP/41A28/406
Res. [ASP/AI7.2/8-XX7] ADD ASP/41A28/407
Res. [ASP/AI7.2/9-AAA] ADD ASP/41A28/409
Res. [EUR/10A25/10] ADD EUR/10A25/10
Res. [EUR/10A25/11] ADD EUR/10A25/11
Res. [EUR/10A25/12] ADD EUR/10A25/12
Res. [EUR/10A25/2] ADD EUR/10A25/2
Res. [EUR/10A25/6 - UAS] ADD EUR/10A25/6
Res. [EUR/10A25/7] ADD EUR/10A25/7
Res. [EUR/10A25/8] ADD EUR/10A25/8
Res. [EUR/10A25/9] ADD EUR/10A25/9
Res. [FIN-UHF IMT] ADD FIN/128/3
Res. [GER/1 - IMT-HIGH C BAND] ADD D/140/1
Res. [IAP/14A2/410] ADD IAP/14A2/410
Res. [IAP/14A2/414] ADD IAP/14A2/414
Res. [IAP/14A2/418] ADD IAP/14A2/418
Res. [RDSS/7.2x] ADD D/AN.../TUR/155/1 - D/AN...NG/G/155A1/1
Res. [USA-01] ADD USA/5A11/3
Res. [USA-02] ADD CAN/.../URG/226/3 - USA/5A13/3
Res. [USA-03] ADD USA/5A12/3
Res. [USA-5] ADD USA/5A9/3
Res. [USA-6] ADD USA/5A10/3
Res. [USA-7] ADD USA/5A14/2
Res. [XX/IMTUBO] ADD CHN/109/5
Res. 222 MOD CAN/USA/49/4 - EUR/10A25/5 - INS/33/11
Res. 351 MOD CAN/USA/78/4
Res. 734 MOD ASP/41A28/404
Res. 803 ASP/41A28/410
Res. 803 MOD CAN/.../URG/226/1 - CUB/44/52 - IAP/14A2/408 - IAP/14A2/412 - IAP/14A2/415 - IAP/14A2/417 - INS/33/10 - RCC/16/67 - RCC/16/68 - RUS/19A1/19
Res. 803 SUP ARB/39A23/1 - ASP/41A28/382 - EUR/10A25/1
Res. 803 (2.2) SUP USA/5A8/2
Res. 803 (2.5 and 2.7) SUP USA/5A7/2
Res. 803 (2.X) ADD USA/5A8/3
Res. 803 (2.XB) ADD USA/5A11/2
Res. 803 (2.XD) ADD USA/5A12/2
Res. 803 (2.Xh) ADD USA/5A10/2
Res. 803 (2.XYZ) ADD USA/5A13/2
Res. 803 (2.USACOM) ADD USA/5A9/2
Res. 803 (Title) MOD CAN/USA/49/1 - CAN/USA/78/1
Res. 803 (title) MOD CAN/13A7/1 - USA/5A7/1 - USA/5A8/1 - USA/5A9/1 - USA/5A10/1 - USA/5A11/1 - USA/5A12/1 - USA/5A13/1
Res. 803 2.2 MOD CAN/13A7/1
Res. 803 2.3 SUP CAN/USA/49/2
Res. 803 3.2 ADD CAN/USA/49/3
Res. 950 MOD ASP/41A28/398 - CAN/13A7/2 - EUR/10A25/3 - USA/5A8/4
Res. 951 MOD ASP/41A28/401 - EUR/10A25/4
Res. 951 SUP IAP/14A2/419
Res. XXX (WRC-07) ADD USA/5A14/1
Total: 114


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