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SpaceVal - Space Filings Validation Software

The ITU Radiocommunication Bureau's SpaceVal software is a PC-based software that can be used to validate electronic submissions to space and earth station frequency assignments which are captured by the BR's Data Capture software - SpaceCap. It can also be used to validate electronic filings that are in the SNS electronic notice format (described in the document "srs-dbv6.pdf") and stored in an MS-Access database. Details on the usage and applicability of this software are provided in BR Circular-letter no. 284 dated 16 May 2008.

SpaceVal can be used in a stand-alone mode (batch) or can be used in an on-line mode through SpaceCap. The validation modules are integrated into SpaceCap to provide the user with the capability to validate while capturing data. The validation results can be viewed in SpaceCap which provides an assisted error correction facility (display of erroneous fields and the corresponding validation rules).  The validation results can also be viewed via the "validation report viewer" that is available in the SpaceQry software and printed out at a local printer.

SpaceVal version 7.0 (and higher) should be used for validating Satellite Network and Earth Station filings submitted in conformity with the WRC-2012 version of Appendix 4, and should be used in conjunction with SpaceCap and SpaceQry version 7.0 (and higher).

 Installation file

  • The installation file below is a self-extracting setup file.

  • To download and  install SpaceVal software, click on the link and save the file to a temporary directory on your PC. 

  • After downloading the file, you should then run the file (by double-clicking on it from Windows Explorer, etc); this will decompress the installation files into a temporary directory on your hard disk, and then automatically execute the setup procedure.


  •  Download Description Size Date
     SpaceVal70Setup.exe Installation file version 7.1.12 10.3Mb​ 3 May 2016
     VR7Ap42e.pdf​ Validation rules for sattelite network/space station (non-plan services)​ ​991Kb 3 May 2016​
     VR7PLANe.pdf​ Validation rules for sattelite netwok (plan services)​ 716Kb​ 3 May 2016​
     VR7Ap43e.pdf​ Validation rules for earth stations​ 636Kb​ 3 May 2016​

    For further information contact: Space Administrative Software Division