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YES Winner/Sponsor: 2006 (NOKIA)
Name/First name: BADOMBENA WANTA Souma
Age: 26
Country of Origin: Togo
Country of Study: USA
Present Country: USA
Highest degree obtained: Bachelor of Science in Electronics Engineering, Virginia State University
Current Degree: Master of Science in Telecommunications (Wireless Communications, Mobile and Embedded Computing) George Mason University

Our lives have always reflected the essential and fundamental outcome of our endeavors as they pertain to our evolution and growth in this world. From a personal standpoint, success in life comes forth through significant deeds and mostly challenges that we are able to face and finally stand as thriving individuals. I conceive my life as a relentless quest for my own purpose and fulfillment and I constantly strive for excellence and self-improvement by cultivating personal values with a sense of optimism and courage. I have come to ultimately realize that it is only by proceeding diligently and confidently that we can manage to breakthrough in our careers, push limits, break barriers and set a personal record of achievement.

The telecommunications field has always been one that fascinated me and drew my total interest. Since my early years, I have always tried to understand how phone communications worked, how we received information and images on TV sets through satellites and other intriguing mechanisms and phenomena. I therefore decided to embrace an engineering education for the tremendous potential and objectivity it had in answering my questions and also for the rigor of thinking and analytical skills it will provide me to soundly approach and solve problems to deliver innovative solutions, also to fulfill the worthy mission of an engineer.

I came to learning about the ITU-YES Program through curiosity and perseverance. In fact I was pretty informed about what ITU represented and essentially did on a global scale. In that sense I decided to stay current, and abreast of new ITU realizations and advancements. Through this effort, in 2005 I came to learn about the ITU Telecom Young Minds contest in which I participated but did not win. Hence, I realized the tremendous opportunities ITU had for young individuals in the ICTs education field and decided to be on the outlook. In 2006, while exploring new opportunities from ITU, I noticed the ITU-YES Program announcement for which I inquired more and decided to apply for. Being an eligible student, and quite convinced of my abilities, skills, qualifications and ambitions, I confidently hoped and awaited a positive result and outcome which turned out as expected. I was notified and had been announced as an ITU-YES Winner in July 2006.

Winning the ITU-YES Scholarship represented one of the most quickening, rewarding and enticing experience of my life. This award and honor came as an opportunity and catalyzing element in achieving my goals and aspirations. Entitled as a “Young ICT Leader”, I was definitely empowered in stepping forward to fulfill my potential by undertaking any significant project or initiative with a meaning in achieving in ICTs. Hence, with important and crucial ideals and objectives to attain in my mind, I mobilized myself to improve and better my education in order to become an expert and leader in this field of Telecommunications. Being an ITU Scholar was a defining credential and achievement that helped in advancing in my endeavors and deserving other awards such as being a Google Scholar /Ambassador and InfoComm Scholar. Also, I used this advantage to be a participant in capacity building activities organized by global advocacy institutions such as ATHGO and TakingItGlobal. I have realized the potential of Information and Communications Technologies (ICTs) in helping achieve sustainable development, and also the enormous advantage wireless and internet computing could provide for emerging economies.

Wireless communications is poised to significantly impact the way we communicate, the way machines do as well, and it holds such an enormous potential for developing countries. By building a background in electronics and telecommunications, I have been able to learn, and acquire the fundamental knowledge and skills, suitable to be exerted within a sustainable engineering work sphere. Also, by taking a deep interest into communications, I was led to explore countless opportunities that existed and were to come, as far as revolutionizing other fields. Telecommunications associated to energy is one of my primary interests, as I studied and expanded personal effort to learn more about potentialities of such a synergy. By being an active member of various organizations and participating in several activities, I gained the right edge and vision to maintain and seek improvement in the area. Our world is evolving and has come to a stage where it requires more work, ideas, and ingenuity of people to sustain its development.

My education represents one of the most important assets I have been gaining in my life and, and deciding to improve it is a big commitment. Convinced that the future holds enormous opportunities, I am willing to partake in this scientific, industrial and economic effort that will lead us to a more powerful and prosperous global society. Education is a key in participating in the global economy and I have decided to pursue a graduate education in order to learn more and be a knowledgeable expert in my field which is computing and communications engineering.

As I am quite motivated and optimistic, I have decided to pursue graduate studies to learn more and achieve more. Thus, I am currently seeking a Master’s degree in Telecommunications Engineering from George Mason University (Virginia, USA) and I believe it would be the most valuable credential I would need to be an accomplished engineer and impact my community as an achiever and innovator. It will not only endow me with the appropriate knowledge, but also with the skills, and ability to organize and build capacity, plan and manage projects, lead working teams, raise awareness and sensitize communities.



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