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Informal Meeting for Regional Regulatory Associations

9 November, 2009 - Beirut, Lebanon

Addressing 21st Century Regulation

This informal meeting was held at the request of the Association of Communications and Telecommunications Regulators of the Portuguese Speaking Countries (ARCTEL-CPLP), in collaboration with the ITU and the Telecommunication Regulatory Authority of Lebanon (TRA).

Dr. Abdulrahman Bin Ahmed Al-Jaafari, Governor of the Communications and Information Technology Commission of Saudi Arabia (CITC), and President of AREGNET, acted as chairman of the meeting, and Mr. David Gomes, Chairman of ARCTEL-CPLP, acted as moderator for the discussions.

Mr. Sami Al Basheer Al Morshid, Director, Telecommunication Development Bureau, represented the ITU, and 28 participants from 7 regional associations took part in the meeting, representing AREGNET, ARCTEL, ARCTEC, EACO, FRATEL, REGULATEL, and WATRA.

Given that today's regulators no longer operate solely within their historical markets and geographical barriers, but must act and react at a global level, the aim of this informal meeting was to bring regional regulatory associations together to share experiences, discuss pressing issues and further regional cooperation in order to find solutions and build bridges for better and more active cooperation between regions.

To this end, the following topics were proposed for discussion and were presented at the start of the meeting by ARCTEL-CPLP:

In addition, presentations were made by AREGNET and REGULATEL.

As with previous editions, and as well as offering an opportunity to build bridges between associations, this meeting enabled participants to:

  • exchange views on the advantages and disadvantages of regional regulatory associations,
  • discuss the role and challenges of regional regulatory associations,
  • reflect on the future of regional regulatory associations with the onset of convergence,
  • share regional experiences, and
  • discuss how to better use
  • ITU tools and services.


The meeting concluded by outlining the following future actions:

  • Organize annual meetings in parallel with GSR;
  • Establish a Regional Association Secretariat Network in collaboration with ITU; and
  • Use the G-REX forum as a platform for a Regional Association Secretariat Network.

The chairman provided a brief report of the proceedings to the participants of the GSR09 during the Reporting Session, on 10 November 2009.


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Meeting Details  
Date: 9 November, 2009
Time: 14:00 - 17:00
Location:  Beirut, Lebanon


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