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Recommendations Synthesis

Cotonou, Benin, 30 June - 4 July 2003


I – Justification of the change

+ Saturation  of the existing plan;
+ Introduction of new services and/or new operations;
+ Harmonization of the format of the numbers.

Il - Rules to be followed in conformity with ITU recommendation

+ Establish a simple plan to switch from old to new numbers;
+ Target period plan: 30 years;
+ Harmonize the emergency numbers;
+ Optional phone book registration with the customers' agreement;
+ Set up a coordination team between the authority an the operator for follow-up of project;
+ Assign the low figures to fixed lines and higher figures to mobile lines;
+ Take into consideration the population and the economic forecasts of the areas when distributing the numbers;
+ Consider taking a technical cut rather than an administrative or a political cut;
+ Migrate the new services in the range of the 800 and 900 numbers with possibility of using 9 X and 0 for mobile lines;
+ Choose preferably a closed-circuit plan;
+ Reserve number 112 for emergency for mobile lines as recommended at international level.

III - Implementation

+ Establish a plan of implementation in coordination with the authority (ies)  and the operator(s);
+ Prepare a communication plan for the operators, the press, international organizations, customers' etc..;
+ Foresee available funding to carry out the communication plan;
+ Prepare pre-registered redirecting messages for the numbers not included in the new plan;
+ During low traffic periods, foresee sufficiently in advance, a simulation switching system to be able to fix possible failures.

IV - Management Plan

+ Harmonize the management plan to be easily applicable by the regulator and by the operator.


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