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IMT - Global Standards for Mobile Telecommunications



Introducing IMT


"IMT" or "International Mobile Telecommunications" is the umbrella term for mobile systems and services.

"IMT-2000" is the term used for third generation (3G) systems aimed at using the nominal 2GHz frequency band with standards developed and products deployed in approximately year 2000, and providing smooth evolution paths to 3G from the various widely deployed existing 2G mobile networks.

"IMT Advanced" is the evolution of the terminology to reflect the addition of new radio technologies and advanced network infrastructure capabilities.

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If you are new to the field of International Mobile Telecommunications, or are looking for basic material to provide high level perspectives on this area, this part of the IMT web site is intended for you.

“About mobile technology and IMT-2000” provides an introduction to and an overview of mobile telecommunications.

IMT is not a single frequency allocation nor a single radio technology nor a single core network infrastructure. What has been defined is a “Family of Systems.” This concept is explained in clause 6 of ITU-T Recommendation Q.1701 “Framework for IMT-2000 networks.”

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If you are reasonably familiar with the field of International Mobile Telecommunications, and are looking for material that will assist you in understanding what you should consider and help you in making decisions about what you should do in deploying IMT, this part of the IMT web site is intended for you.

A particularly useful resource for the reader seeking intermediate level information is the “Guidelines on the smooth transition of existing mobile networks to IMT-2000 for developing countries (GST).”

A significant amount of information is available in the presentations that have been provided in workshops, seminars, etc., organized by the ITU-D, usually in conjunction with local authorities and industry. Most of these presentations are at an intermediate level, that is, they are aimed at an audience that has a certain familiarity with mobile telecommunications, but they do not provide detailed explanations or guidance on the technical specifications, and do not expect the audience to be deeply familiar with the technologies. These events addressed a range of topics relevant to IMT as listed below. The program and presentations for these events may be accessed by clicking here

- IMT-2000

- Next Generation Networks

- Network Evolution

- Broadband Access

- Fixed-Mobile Convergence

- Regulatory Aspects

ITU-T also conducts numerous workshops and seminars, many of which are relevant to IMT. These may be accessed here. This page indicates upcoming events but the link to past workshops provides a listing of 2009 events plus previous years at the upper right of the page. The link for each event includes the program and the presentations. In particular, the reader is encouraged to look for the five events labelled “Regional Development Forum” which were jointly handled by ITU-D and ITU-T.

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If you are looking for all the details of IMT, including details of ITU-R radio spectrum allocations, radio access technologies, and core network architecture and interface specifications, this part of the IMT web site is intended for you.

The detailed specifications of IMT are made up of a large number of documents. The specifications fall into three areas. The first is spectrum aspects. The second is radio access technologies. The third is core network infrastructure.

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