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ITU-D Study Group 2 Period 1998-2002 : Management Team
Chairperson, Vice-Chairpersons and Rapporteurs
Chairperson & Vice-Chairpersons
Chairperson: Mr. Nabil Kisrawi (Syria)
Vice-Chairpersons: Mr. Edgar Borg (Malta)
Mr. V. Nikolenko (Russia)
Mr. Mohamed Ali Yusoff (Malaysia)
Mr. Gomes Zita (Mozambique)
Mrs. Doreen McGirr (United States)
Question 9/2 - Identify study group Questions in the ITU-T and ITU-R which are of particular interest to developing countries and systematically, by way of annual progress reports, inform them of the progress of work on the Questions to facilitate their contributions to the work on those Questions as well as, ultimately, to enable them to benefit from their outputs in a timely manner
Rapporteur: Mr. Nabil Kisrawi (Syria)
ITU Secretary: Mr. Petko Kantchev
Question 10/2 - Communications for rural and remote areas
  • 10a/2 - Communications for rural and remote areas
  • 10b/2 - Development of multi-purpose community telecentres
  • 10c/2 - Penetration and service targets for rural telecommunications
  • 10d/2 - Definition of a set of indicators describing the state of development of a country's rural telecommunication network and services
  • 10e/2 - Sound and television broadcasting and communication for rural and remote areas
  • 10f/2 - Measurement of the impact of information and communication technologies in rural and remote areas
  • 10g/2 - Enhancing the capacity of non-governmental organizations (NGOs) to achieve development aims, through the use of telecommunications
Rapporteur: Mrs. Jane Coffin (USA)
ITU Secretary: Mr. Vishnu mohan Calindi
Question 11/2 - Examine digital broadcasting technologies and systems, including cost/benefit analyses, assessment of demands on human resources, interoperability of digital systems with existing analogue networks, and methods of migration from analogue to digital technique
Rapporteur: Mr. Tedros Lemma (Worldspace, USA)
ITU Secretary: Mr. Petko Kantchev
Question 12/2 - Examine broadband communications over traditional copper wires on aspects of technologies, systems and applications
Rapporteur: Mr. Walter Widl (Ericsson, Sweden)
ITU Secretary: Ms. Fidélia Akpo
Question 13/2 - Methods to enhance the viability of public service broadcasting, particularly focusing on developing countries
This Question has been split: the technical part has been absorbed by Question 11/2, and the regulatory part has become Question 16/1.
Question 14/2 - Fostering the application of telecommunication in health care. Identifying and documenting success factors for implementing telemedicine
Rapporteur: Mr. Leonid Androuchko (Ukrane)
ITU Secretary: Mr. Petko Kantchev
Question 15/2 - Human resource management and development to successfully meet the challenges of sector reform and transformation, with special emphasis to employment, including consideration of gender issues
Rapporteur: Mr. Pierre Derome (TEMIC, Canada)
ITU Secretary: Mr. Mario Maniewicz
Question 16/2 - Preparation of handbooks for developing countries
Rapporteur: Mr. Maurice-Habib Ghazal (Lebanon)
ITU Secretary: Ms. Fidèlia Akpo


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