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 Thursday, 14 November 2013

Despite strong evidence regarding the importance of fully incorporating women into the Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) sector, a gender ICT gap still remains in Europe. European females do not take ICT studies. Moreover, women are underrepresented in the sector, particularly in technical and decision-making positions.

Women’s active participation in the ICT sector is essential for Europe's long-term growth and economic sustainability. The study Women Active in the ICT Sector is another step in the on-going efforts to tackle the problem. This is achieved by:

1. Updating current data regarding females’ roles in the sector;
2. Identifying role models and career paths to inspire women and girls;
3. Assessing the economic impact of incorporating women into the sector;
4. Reviewing the status of the European Code of Best Practices for Women and ICT; and
5. Analysing successful social media campaigns. The conclusions of this study provide useful insights, which it is hoped will help to attract women to, and encourage them to remain in the ICT sector.

Based on these insights several recommendations are proposed:

1. Build a renewed image of the sector;
2. Empower women in the sector;
3. Increase the number of women entrepreneurs in the ICT sector and
4. Improve working conditions in the sector. 

Download the Full report here

(Source: EU Publications)