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 Monday, 25 February 2013
In celebration of information and communication technology (ICT) careers for women, Cisco is holding a prize draw on 25 April 2013 for girls living in Europe, Middle East, Africa and Russia and the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS).

The draw is being held in partnership with the United Nations' International Telecommunication Union as part of their annual "Girls in ICT Day" campaign.
If you are a female Cisco Networking Academy student, a woman considering a Networking Academy course, or if you have been invited to a 2013 Cisco "Girls in ICT Day" and are over 15 years of age, you are eligible to enter the draw. Five lucky winners from different parts of the world will be randomly selected, lottery style, on the 25 April 2013. There will be one winner for each of the following regions: Western Europe; Eastern Europe; Russia and Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS); Middle East; Africa.

If you are already an ICT student or are considering a career in this agile, innovative sector, this opportunity is for you. The draw aims attract attention to the diverse career avenues available in ICT and the role that the Internet, in particular, is having on the world around us.

If you are a prize winner, you will be awarded an iPad mini to help you surf the net, learn and network wherever you are. Cisco will also facilitate a mentoring session for you with senior Cisco managers and women in your country of origin and take you on a Cisco site visit. You'll have the chance to experience Cisco technology first hand in their offices and learn both about a career in Internet networking and about working life in a big multi-national company. This is your chance to pose your questions to experts and get some clarity on your study and career choices.

If you don't win they will still enjoy your company and hopefully you theirs at a local Cisco office. The "Girls in ICT Day" event is a brilliant opportunity for you to learn about the breadth and depth of opportunities for women in the dynamic ICT sector. And in particular, with Cisco, you will learn about the life-changing role of the Internet.
They also strongly encourage you to stay tuned to the United Nations International Telecommunication Union's "TechNeedsGirls" Facebook page. Join this vibrant group of girls who, like you, are attracted by the dynamism and potential of the tech sector. Follow the action and learn about ICT careers from working women all over the world.

(Source: Cisco Networking)