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 Friday, 08 February 2013
Uttar Pradesh (UP) state government in India will purchase 1.5 million laptops from HP India and distribute them to twelfth grade students statewide.
The council of ministers on January 23, finalized the purchase of laptops for education valued INR 28.58 billion (US$ 536.32 million), at a unit cost of INR 19.05 (US$ 357.6) inclusive of taxes and duty cost. This deal was given to HP who had proposed the lowest bid.

The state cabinet meeting was attended by Chief Minister Akhilesh Yadav, and the decision came after the recommendations made by the evaluation and technical committee of UP Electronics Corporation were reviewed.

The state government gave an authorization to the UP Electronics Corporation, a civic body, to issue a letter of intent (LOI) to HP India for the purchase.
HP was mandated to supply five per cent of the total order within sixty days after signing the agreement, with an increased quantity to be supplied every subsequent month. It will have to complete the supply of total 1.5 million laptops in seven months after the date of the agreement, said The UP Electronics Corporation, MD, Prabhat Mittal who managed the bidding process.

Mittal added that the laptops would be delivered at the sub-district level in each district by the company, and the distribution of the laptops is expected to start in a month time.

The ruling party also promised to give free tablets for education to grade ten students. The bidding process for supplying the tablets to the UP government is still underway, and is expected to be finalized by end of February.

The UP state is located on the North of India, and is also the most populous state in India, with a population of 199,581,477 people as of 1 March 2011.

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