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 Thursday, 24 January 2013
"JUMP is a program that complements the innovative use of telecommunications through "Cell Phone Tips" which involves to send 105,000 text messages with advice and tips on business management to microentrepreneurs. The contribution of Telefónica will provide technical facilities for sending these messages to further enhance of beneficiaries entrepreneurship.

"We are pleased to invest in the education of women because it has a multiplier effect, which results in more productive, healthier families, better educated, and ultimately prosperous communities. For Telefonica, be part of this innovative project, which promotes the development, improve competitiveness and strengthens social inclusion, makes us proud", said Eduardo Devoto, Corporate Relations Manager of Telefonica.

This initiative, which provides training sessions on finance, marketing and sales, as well as personal skills, with a simple and dynamic, is also supported by the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB), the Multilateral Investment Fund (MIF) , ACP, Thunderbird University (USA) and the Australian Government through AusAID.

"JUMP is a program that seeks to promote the development of women entrepreneurs through micro, small and medium enterprises. The program focuses on strengthening the business capacity of 100,000 entrepreneurs through a series of interventions. The IDB-MIF is focusing much on women as it has been seen that women entrepreneurs have a more rapid and sustainable impact on their family, and their community. By the way, they spend and invest, when a woman entrepreneur grows, it begins to promote the welfare of children and families by providing better education and health. This eventually results in development. Moreover, empirically, we have observed that a woman has a very important trained multiplier - woman enjoys teaching and sharing - and so, what you teach a woman tends to reach its surroundings", noted Fidel Jaramillo, IDB representative in Peru.

Furthermore, the training of the project has three additional elements: personal support financial analysis and identification of business opportunities granted by MBA students at the University Thunderbird, funding for project participants by Mibanco, and advice to women entrepreneurs through the cell.

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