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 Thursday, 17 January 2013

Singapore Silver Pages (SSP) launched recently a mobile app called “Mobile Eldercare Locator” (MEL), that allows users to learn more information about eldercare and search for health and social care services, based on the location and type of service required by the elderly.

SSP, is a specialised one-stop resource entity launched by the Agency for Integrated Care in February 2011. It aims to address the information needs of the ageing population in Singapore by providing a single source where the elderly, their family members and caregivers can access trusted and authoritative information on eldercare.

The MEL app enables users to learn more about the services offered by more than 1000 featured health service providers and locate them easily with its built-in directional maps and instructions.

In addition, the app also features a GPS-enabled journey planner that instructs users how to get to the location of the service provider either by private car, taxi, bus or MRT.

During Singapore’s first ever Community Health Assist Scheme (CHAS) Health Carnival, Health Minister Gan Kim Yong encouraged attendees to download the app to spread awareness and understanding on critical health conditions experienced by many Singaporeans.

“With more Singaporeans suffering from chronic diseases, there is a need to help people understand their own state of health better and support them in managing any conditions”, the Minister said in an official statement.

The MEL app is available on iOS and Android platforms for download free of charge.

(Source: FutureGov)