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 Friday, 16 November 2012

It can be downloaded from the Internet and enable them to identify the skills that students must develop.

The Peruvian Ministry of Education, as part of the national mobilization for the improvement of education and whose motto is "We all can learn, no one is left behind", has been made available to all teachers in the country, a set of teaching materials that will identify skills that students must develop.

These materials, called "Routes of Learning" can be downloaded from the following link:, which contents bundles of Communication and Mathematics; Kits self-assessment, and guides.

Fascicles of communication and mathematics skills have to be achieved for children of 5 years old of initial and students of first and second grade. They also contain the respective performance indicators.

On other hand, the self Kits guide the teachers of the second grade to reflect on their teaching methods, assess how much students have learned, and analyze the results.

Finally, the mentioned guidelines propose a designing Guide for educational institutions, goals, strategies and commitments necessary to improve student learning in the areas of communication and mathematics, taking into account the results of the Census for Student 2011.

(Source: MINEDU)