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 Monday, 25 June 2012

U.S. Internet giant Google announced today the launch of a website designed to facilitate the preservation of endangered languages, entitled "Proposed Endangered Languages (".

"The documentation of more than 3,000 languages on the brink of extinction is an important step toward preserving cultural diversity, honoring the wisdom of our elders and empower young people", argued Google.

"Technology can support these efforts to help people create good quality recordings of their elders, often the last speakers of their language, to contact the disparate communities in social networks and facilitate the learning of languages", they said.

Google said that they pretend to transfer the management of the site "within months" to a university laboratory, the Institute of Language and Information Technology at the University of Eastern Michigan, and the Cultural Council of the native peoples, AFP reported.

Google said that this project received funding from its philanthropic arm,, and invited other organizations to join this effort.

(Source: El Universal news paper)
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