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 Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Recently, Merck Sharp & Dohme (MSD) Peru launched via Facebook, a useful source of information for women: "Being a Woman", which has the objective to inform women on what it means to be female. There is possible to find the answers to frequently asked questions that are commonly performed by women, thinking of their benefits, health and beauty, among other interesting topics.

To answer all kinds of inquiries with regard to women, it will be available a health specialist about sexuality. The expert also will absolve consultations on contraception, menopause, fertility, among other subjects that the visitors of the page are interested on. In addition it will provide tips and contests via this popular social network. In this regard Dr. Monica Naranjo Cáceres, gynecology specialist, said that this is important means of informing our female population, starting obviously with the teenagers and covers all women of childbearing age, to enjoy a full sex life and a personal. The link is

"Women today should be better informed and know more about what it means to be a woman", noted the specialist.

(Source: Perumagazin)

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