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 Wednesday, 04 January 2012
For the very first time in Sri Lanka, doctors in government hospitals will be able view a patient’s comprehensive medical records on their computer screen, all thanks to the newly developed Hospital Health Information Management System (HHIMS).

The HHIMS is a joint collaborative effort between the ICT agency of Sri Lanka (ICTA) and the Ministry of Health. The initiative stemmed from the Government’s thrust to significantly improve service delivery to the citizens by using ICT.

According to Wasantha Deshapriya, ICTA Re-engineering Government Programme Director, the software has been tested in five hospitals – Karavanella, Mawanella, Endegoda, Kitugala, and Deriyanagala – in the Kegalle District for over six months. At present, it is now ready to be installed in other Government hospitals island-wide.

The Hospital Health Information Management System, is a free open source software that will enable doctors make accurate and well-informed diagnosis on their patients
By simply having a registration number, the hospital staff will dispense medication and carry out tests as per the doctor’s ‘prescription’ which is documented on the electronic patient record available to them on their computer screens.

“This user-friendly software enables accurate diagnosis and will be crucial in helping government hospitals go paperless. In addition, it also facilitates the production of many routine but essential hospital reports thus saving time and much paperwork. A positive indirect effect of the system is that the medical staff has more time to attend to their patients”, Deshapriya said.

(Source: FutureGov)
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