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 Monday, 26 December 2011
A project that connects, by a computer, the Hospital of Yurimaguas with three health centers located in the heart of Alto Amazonas, Loreto, improved the services level, prevented deaths and made more efficient medical work in this area of the country. This initiative has just been awarded by Telefónica as one of the best enterprises in rural areas in 2011.

Last Friday, a young woman from the community of Nuevo Junín came to the Medical Center of Balsapuerto District, Alto Amazonas, for a medical emergency. She had twin pregnancy, but the kids were in a position that made it difficult to delivery. A doctor assessed it, but also made consultation with an obstetrician in Yurimaguas Hospital, 60 kilometers far, through a computer communication system that makes it possible to see the patient on the screen and assess the severity of the case. It was decided that a small plane departed from Yurimaguas go to pick up the women and bring her to the city. She took an operation and saved her life and from their two children.

Maybe without the system that makes possible to see online the patient and give her a diagnosis, would not been so fast and could not manage it quickly the fly of a plane through the Health Integral System (SIS). The pregnant woman came to Yurimaguas in less than an hour from the depths of the Amazon. Otherwise she should have to travel by river boat about six hours, with the risk of dying in the road.

The project that has made it possible to act with such efficiency is called "Telemedicine Network in health" and weeks ago won an award as one of the best enterprises in rural communication, 2011. What is? The Department of Health from Alto Amazon has interconnected via audio and video its administrative headquarters in Santa Gema in Yurimaguas hospital, with the health center of Balsapuerto district, and the communities of San Gabriel and San Juan de Varadero Armanayacu, forest locations with problems of lack of basic services, poverty and disease.

Dr. Georgina Valentin, head of Alto Amazon DISA is the coordinator of this project that has managed to "diagnose serious cases away and prevent many deaths". This health centers have a computer, WiFi connection, a transmission antenna almost 60 feet high and solar panels that make it possible to have energy where there are no electrical connections. The system is similar to Skype, but it is a network that only works between sites connected. If the doctor of this network have questions about a case, can consult with a specialist hospital in Yurimaguas though a video call.

(Source: La Republica Newspaper)
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