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 Sunday, 25 December 2011

Colombia is a country very active on the Internet and has grown markedly in connectivity. The ICT Ministry will continue working with determination to close the poverty gap and contribute to development.The Minister of Information and Communications Technologies (ICT), Diego Molano Vega presented the balance of 2011 and announced the great challenges of the next year.

 Among the achievements of the ICT Ministry in 2011 are:

- The increase in Internet connections through major infrastructure. In 2009 there were 2.2 million connections, in December 2010, 3.1 million, and this year totaled 4.6 million.

 - Colombia is Latin America's leading connectivity. There are 325 municipalities connected with fiber optics, and the goal is that by 2014 all municipalities are connected.

 - Was awarded the contract to connect 2,800 educational institutions in remote and rural areas, four times faster and half price.

 - Ensured the performance of 1,300 Community Access Centres to the Internet in remote areas of the country.

 - 115,000 Colombian homes, from the strata 1 and 2, were subsidized from 77 municipalities to have access to the Internet. Users pay a maximum fee of 20,000 colombian pesos (aprox. US$ 10.4) per month.

 Computers for Schools:

- Until December 19th, were given 81 830 computers.

- 3564 places have seen a computer for first time, and the opening of 230 libraries and houses of culture.

- 66 400 Portable were purchased.

- Recruitment of universities through competitive bidding, $ 10 billion (they carry the PC, give initial train, install the equipment).

- Acquisition of 7,400 classrooms and 3,000 mobile video beam.

 What comes in 2012?

-  More technology, more progress

- Infrastructure: more competition in cellular telephony.

- New system user protection.

- Will open new job opportunities.

- Digital Experience Points: they reach about 800 municipalities distant, so that people learn to use technology.

- Digital Natives. The goal is to provide computers with Internet connectivity to all public schools in the country, accompanied by an aggressive strategy of training for teachers.

(Source: MINTIC - Colombia)

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