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 Tuesday, 13 September 2011

This Saturday September 10th, it was introduced the panel of experts from the TV show 'Vive Digital' from the ICT Ministry, which are transmitted every Saturday by the Institutional tv Channel.

In this issue, teachers from remote areas of Colombia shared with viewers all the experiences that they had with their students since they are using the information and communications technologies as educational tools.

This time during the program “Vive Digital”, panel of experts, led by the ICT Minister, Diego Molano, they talked about the appropriation of ICT in the education sector. As invited experts two teachers accompanied him: Ana Maria Muchavisoy from Sibundoy, Putumayo and Carlos Andres Romero from Magangué, Bolívar.

Also the following teachers participated via Skype: Emiro Pérez de Corozal, Sucre, Nayibe Rangel de Tame, Arauca, Andrés Ladino from the Community of Macedonia, Amazon, and Porras Esnith y Danny Esther Ayala from Quibdó, Chocó.

During the half hour, teachers talked about the impact that the appropriation of ICT had in the education provided to children and youth in schools with limited resources. For his part, the Minister Diego Molano presented the progress of “Computers for Schools” program, which has helped to reduce the dropout, to improve educational quality and increase accessibility to higher education in Colombia.

According to recent study made by the University of Los Andes, the program “Computers for Schools” was able to reduce by 4% the attrition in the schools were they are working for more than three years. In relation to the quality of education, it helped to improve the test results of the State (ICFES), increasing by 2.1% the score for students who had 8 years of education in a school benefited from the program. The study also found that graduates from schools benefited of “Computers for Schools” program, increase in 12.7% in their probability of entering to higher education, completing 8 years in an institution equipped with computers.

(Source: MINTIC – Colombia)

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