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 Friday, 01 July 2011
ICT Ministry is calling for developers to generate creative and innovative ideas for government transactions and services online.

Named "Applications to improve your relationship with the State", the Minister of ICT, Diego Molano Vega, made the release of 12 government online challenges that call for “buffs” to generate ideas for mobile applications, web or digital television to enable the development of a procedure or service by the Colombian State.
From the question: How would you improve the delivery of procedures and services by the state and to improve the quality of life of citizens and businesses through an application? There were generated 12 categories in which developers can participate in creative and innovative ideas until September 1st, 2011.

The purpose of the applications is to make the life easier for citizens in relation to their arrangements and services, provided by public entities in the country.

The strategy of “Government Online” led by the ICT Ministry, contributes to building an efficient local government, more transparent and inclusive, providing better services with the help of society through the use of ICT. This strategy is important in order to boost the competitiveness and improve of quality of life of Colombians.

(Source: Mintic – Colombia)

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