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 Thursday, 30 June 2011

The President of Peru, Alan Garcia, considered that to have been connected to 1,834 districts countrywide with telephone and internet services is a "formidable achievement", which helps to strengthen the identity of the nation and promote social inclusion.

He said that communication between people separated by a difficult geography, as the Peruvian, and also which has cultural differences, helps to create a "common collective soul" among all Peruvians.

"That is the vital and historical sense that these (telephone connections and internet) have: managed to link all the districts of Peru and its surrounding towns through telephony and internet, which is also a gateway to the world".

Therefore, the President reiterated that have connected to that number of districts is a "formidable achievement" for which he thanked everyone who contributed their work and effort to achieve it.

"(...) Today we find that finally 1.834 districts are communicated by telephone and included in Internet communication, is a formidable achievement for which I thank all employees and those who have made that these districts can be included".

The President of Peru added that the connection of people inside the country has not only a social impact, but also enormous economic impact, as all of these districts can use these communication services as a platform for commercial activities.

(Source: Andina News – Peru)

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