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 Monday, 27 June 2011

"Computadoras for everybody" is an excellent governmental initiative which is at the disposal of Ecuadorians, though the Bank of the Ecuadorian Social Security Institute (BIESS), entity that provides facilities for those interested to acquire a computer.

Another alternative of the market is offered by the National Corporation of Telecommunications (CNT EP), which provides opportunities to acquire desktops, laptops and netbooks together with a package of Internet and finance it in installments up to 24 months.

A person with access to technologies, such as in this case of Internet, has a great chance of overcoming that start with a click. For this reason, the national Government is increasing their efforts so that citizens can have access to technology and they will be on par with this modern world.

The projects run by the Ministry of Telecommunications, which provide connectivity and equipment in remote locations and projects in schools with limited financial resources, are a great contribution to the national development.

These services are now a reality and it will continue to fight for disappears the technological illiteracy completely in the country. For this reason, the Ministry of Telecommunications continues to develop projects such as: Infocentros community, equipped with computers and the Internet; the National Plan of Connectivity that arrives at the national level with equipment for public schools of the country.

There is no better development knowledge, that the effective management of technologies, which will reduce digital illiteracy and induced to citizenship in the employment and improvement of the quality of their life.

(Source:Mintel - Ecuador)

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