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 Monday, 06 June 2011
The Plan “Vive Digital” from the ICT Ministry seeks to promote ICT access, use and massive appropriation of ICTs, through policies and programs to achieve progressive and sustainable levels of development in all departments of Colombia.
In pursuance of this strategy, they established the Plan "Vive Digital Regional" an initiative that seeks to bring to the next level of maturity of digital territories and aligned with the new government policies of the Ministry of Information and Communications Technologies. Also, the new initiative is supported by an alliance with “Colciencias” and “Fidubogotá”, as the spokeswoman of the autonomous equity fund called National Funding for science, technology and innovation, Francisco José de Caldas.

This initiative aims to support plans for regional and municipal governments and their development plans and competitiveness through co-financing of projects promoting regional innovation and technological development through ICT. To achieve this, they promote synergies between the public sector, private sector and academia, as well as cooperation between regions and supporting the country's reconstruction following the rainy season in areas related to the objectives of the Ministry.

"Vive Digital Regional" articulates the development of Digital Ecosystem, in the 32 departments of Colombia and the Capital District through the support of government initiatives that require the use of ICT for effective development of their regions. It also provides the tools necessary to ensure that people take ownership of ICT and make use of its advantages in search of competitive development of their region.

(Source: MINTIC - Colombia)
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