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 Sunday, 22 May 2011

- Two villages of "Wayuu" community will benefit. 
- In 2001 "La Guajira" registered 335 students for each computer, today the number is 22 and the target for the next four years is 12 children per computer.
- Around 6,000 computers were received by the department of La Guajira from this national program.

Computers for Schools” program from the ICT Ministry will present this Saturday, May 21st computers to three public educational centers in the capital of La Guajira, two located in villages, benefiting about 400 children from the Wayuu community.

Computers for Schools” have reached 100% of the municipalities of this area. However, not all sites located in 15 municipalities have full coverage. "We still have 52 seats for benefit and with the work made today; we started to reduce this gap. The goal we've set from the National Government is to reach 12 children per computer when we finish the next four years" said the Deputy Minister.

Guajira department was one of the most backward in terms of equipment per student, now in its campus-there are 22 children per computer, which means that it has reached over 80% of institutions in that department. This contrasts with the situation in 2001, when they started Computers for Schools, which registered 335 students for each computer.

Up to date, the ICT Ministry's program has benefited nearly 174,000 students with 5,990 computers delivered to 292 campus-La Guajira, which have supported the educational work of 3,726 teachers. "But more importantly we have also trained over 800 students in the incorporation of ICT, which makes it really add to the time to contribute to the quality of education in Colombia", noted the Program Director, Martha Castellanos.

(Source: Mintic - Colombia)

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