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 Tuesday, 17 May 2011

The American Community of Nations held on May 17th the seventh edition of the World Internet Day with over 300 activities and events in 23 countries. The event already has more than 800 developers worldwide who join all kinds of organizations with a common goal: to bring new technologies to the unconnected and develop the use of the Internet to the public.

The Seventh Internet Day Edition puts its focus on the debate about how the Internet and new technologies affect human rights. The Senate will host the main events of Awards and plenary discussion that will be attended by leading figures such as Eduard Punset, science writer, Rosa Conde, President of the Fundación Carolina, Jordi Sevilla, former government minister and the journalist Nacho Escolar, among others.

The debate will be broadcast live over the Internet. To guide the conversation, the speakers will leave the more than 300 contributions that users around the world are stuck in the wall of Rights, the wall that will remain open to encourage citizen participation and may enter the conversation by using the tag #Internet Day in Twitter.

Internet connects us with Latin America. Latin America is also very present in this edition of Internet Day with activities aimed at using social networks as a meeting point among all Spanish-speaking countries.

Fundèu BBVA Foundation celebrates anniversary with an open debate on the use of Spanish in new media from work. This portal is the embryo of what will be the 'Manual of Style for new media' that BBVA Fundèu prepared with contributions from Internet users. The workshop will be led by Mario Tascon (@mtascon), and will be attended by Antonio Fraguas (@forges), the content director of Hypertext, Marilín Gonzalo (@ marilink) or the Mexican writer Cristina Rivera Garza (@criveragarza).

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