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 Wednesday, 11 May 2011
Social networks like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and the chat will help from now to prevent and address violence against women as part of the campaign “if they love you, they should love you well”, developed by the Ministry of Women and Social Development (Mimdes)of Peru. The Minister of Mimdes, Virginia Borra, today launched the preventive campaign against violence through electronic means, considering the large influence that those have among youth.

"Currently, in Peru there are over three million users of Facebook, of which the majority is composed by young and just 30 percent of cases of violence treated in emergency centers woman is young victims aged between 13 and 25 years old".

Borra explained that from now is available to enter the on the ministry's website and link to the “Chat 100” section, where you can anonymously seek help from a specialist.
"Here there will be no records of names, so this means you can go to calmly explain your situation to the professionals who attend from 08:00 to 22:00 hours", explained the minister.

Also, if you prefer contact through Facebook and Twitter can be added or follow “sitkiernktkieranbien” account to access communication and receive professional advice on the subject to exit or overcome any situation of violence.

You can also find news, prevention messages, pictures and videos on the subject, which aims to raise awareness about the need to combat violence against women. "Do not forget that the whole issue of violence starts with stressful situations, with small disagreements and minor conflicts unresolved, which may come to physical and verbal aggression and lawlessness".

Borra insisted that it is important that when you start a process of violence, this has to be reported immediately to avoid extreme cases, as many femicide and attempted killings that happen in the country.

(Source: Andina News)

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