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 Wednesday, 27 April 2011
The Dominican Republic will held in the school Fabio Mota the "World Day of Girls in ICT", taking the call from the International Telecommunications Union (ITU) which launched the initiative to encourage greater participation of girls in the field of Information and Communication Technology  (ICT).

The information was given today by Amparo Arango Echeverri, Coordinator of the Technical Support Unit of the National Commission for Information Society and Knowledge (CNSIC). She said that to celebrate this day, the Dominican Telecommunications Institute (Indotel) through CNSIC and the Research Center for the female Action  (CIPAF), institution that is "implementing a project on Gender and ICT: Gender Equity and Equality E-Dominicana", are organizing a panel-meeting in the high school, Fabio Mota aimed to young students (especially women) in the third and fourth grade of high school.The event will take place on Thursday April 28th.

Indotel, CNSIC and CIPAF will held this meeting-panel to discuss integration of women into the technology. "This new Day of the Girls in ICT will provide a much needed boost to the participation of women in the ICT sector", said Dr. Hamadoun Touré, ITU General-Secretary. "At the time when many countries are planning a shortage of ICT professionals over the next ten years, it is essential to attract young women into technology to maintain healthy growth rates for industry as a whole. A career technology, which offers excellent employment opportunities and a good remuneration, represents an excellent choice for girls of any country in the world", said Touré.

(Source: Indotel)
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