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 Wednesday, 20 April 2011
The First Lady of Dominican Republic (Dr. Margarita Cedeño de Fernández) presented the Community Technology Centre (CTC) “Villa Mella”, a world of knowledge where municipalities may acquire all the necessary information to be updated and develop income-generating projects that will enable a better quality of life of the population.

With this new center totaled 69 CTC delivered by the First Lady throughout the national territory for municipalities boost their dreams, improve their skills and be motivated to initiate new productive and educational activities.

As an innovation, this center includes a classroom called "tecnochic @ s", where teenagers from 12 to 17 years may be inserted into the world of technology in a responsible, efficient and competitive, promoting academic and professional development for the purposes of improve their living conditions.

The new center has a modern network of 30 computers connected to the Internet, through which residents of the area can access to quality educational programs, as well as books and encyclopedias. It also has a documentary and several virtual library, a reception, offices and an information area.

In addition, it offers digital literacy, access to databases, fax, educational programs on the network, sources of information about jobs, conference room and multipurpose room for meetings to help plan educational, cultural and actions that benefit community.
For the very young people, with ages ranging from three to five years, the CTC has a children's area known as Space of Hope, where children receive comprehensive education potentiates their full cognitive, motor, and socio-communicative, with the approval of the Ministry of Education.
Like all communities, “Villa Mella” has its community Frequency Modulation Radio, called CTC. It is a space for dialogue, integration and participation of all people, whose aim is to guide and address issues of local interest.

(Source: CNSIC)

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