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 Monday, 04 April 2011

The Ministry of Communications of Brazil (minicom) has launched a tool of communication for the society: WikiCom, a kind of virtual encyclopedia. Access to

The new tool will be consulted through the Internet in terms of the most diverse areas of knowledge related to the Ministry of Communications and its services, for example, electronic communication, telecommunication, digital inclusion and postal services. Anyone with a computer connected to the Internet can access the this channel.

The system works like an encyclopedia where entries are added, are consulted and can be modified by users. The contribution of Internet is one of the key differentiators of the mechanism, which is developed from collective constructions.

What is wiki?
Wiki is a collection of many interlinked pages; each of them can be viewed and edited by users, following certain safety measures to prevent the publication of incorrect information. One feature is the ease editing and the possibility of writing in a collective free group, as is done in Wikipedia, one of the most known systems.

(Source: MiniCom - Brazil)
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