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 Tuesday, 29 March 2011

The Provincial Government announced today what will be the Strategic Digital Plan. In the presentation, the Governor considered that this plan should be complemented by an agreement of solidarity between cooperatives and the communication companies with the provincial government for the benefit of all Las Pampas.

In a meeting among mayors, provincial officials, representatives of solidarity organizations and business chambers, the governor said that this is the continuation of a state policy that the Government of La Pampa was drawn and began the investment in infrastructure, specifically 1751 km of optical fiber network to continue with the technological upgrading of the southern provincial network, to obtain a license to provide telecommunications services in Aguas del Colorado, up to now that we are in advanced measures for the development of the province.

Among the measures announced today, include the creation of the Superior Provincial Tecnicatura Computer (tertiary level), the payment of Internet unified for every household in 50 pesos for 1 megabyte, to be offered by providers that adhere to this Call Plan; and Provincial telephone calls between towns in the province will be also free for those under the plan. Expanding on the theme, the governor gave details about the Strategic Digital Plan: "in all those places that you cannot provide the service proposed by a reason of scale or other, the province will develop the home connection service with the necessary technological level, arranging where is possible the cooperative agreements with key strategic local service".

In the context of this plan, they have already been carried out various programs for implementation, other are under way and finally there are those who will be implemented in succession (network, data center connectivity). Also they worked on infrastructure and licensed as a telecommunications service provider, and signed cooperative agreements with Silica and Cordoba digital network comprising the south of the province.

The governor said emphatically that the Provincial Government policy has been defined as the development of Pole Computer. For this and to have a presence in the new global economic environment, the provincial leader said the need to consolidate four new core strengths, adequate connectivity, telecommunications services provided in an efficient and accessible to the community and government agencies, training intensive capital  human, specializing in software and computer services, attracting investors in information technology, computer services and digital content development and advanced e-government, continuing with the digitalization processes and management.

With this objective they have invested heavily, resulting in 1751 km of optical fiber network, connecting 54 towns and thus reaching over 90% of Las Pampas which involves an investment of around 55 million pesos.

In addition, this new plan will bring new benefits for the purposes of the state. For example in education will be improved the ability to access to distance learning tools, video conferencing and the possibility that children who receive the program netbooks "Connect Equality" are guaranteed on access to the Internet, in health may be carried below the digitization of medical records, remote diagnostics, consultations with various advanced health centers (such as the Hospital Garrahan with which agreement has been signed), among others; also it will favored on other hand the development of the economy through the promotion of IT companies. Regarding to security, it will be possible to make video watching and access to online stations and be connected between the province and neighboring provinces.

Finally, the governor said that "La Pampa must incorporate new capabilities in its students and professionals if they want to remain competitive in the challenging world of the future. This will ensure first of all Internet access and telephony, generating the critical mass users to incorporate the Web to its personal and professional development”.

(Source: Government of La Pampa)

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