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 Saturday, 26 March 2011

The Auto parts Industry Association (Asopartes) and the Program "Computers for Schools", from the Ministry of Information and Communications Technologies, agreed to bring forward a strategic alliance to help with the massive and appropriation of ICT and the use of e-waste.

The popularization and appropriation of ICTs are part of the Plan “Digital Living”, which is promoted by the Minister Diego Molano Vega, and which will contribute with the Plan Quality Education which being conducted by the Ministry of Education.

"As well as all Colombians we support the appropriate use of technology and, above all, help to bring these tools to the most needy, we will contribute to collective prosperity",  said the  President of Asopartes, Tulio Zuloaga.

The strategic partnership was signed between the Executive Director of the Program Computers for Schools, Martha Castellanos, and the group president (Tulio Zuloaga), who committed to get donations of equipment to promote the program among its 1,500 members across the country.

In this year,the program Computers for Schools seeks to provide education to 7,800 offices, libraries and cultural centers with technological terminals. The goal is to bring 89,000 computers (including laptops) for boys and girls, located in different regions of the country.The program, which celebrated 10 years of operation, has reached 6 million school users, and has managed 4,400 tonnes of electronic waste, thus allowing protecting the environment.

"The social content of Computers for Schools is a major concern for us", said Zuloaga, also he said that the sector is committed to corporate social responsibility policies.

 In this year, Computers for Schools has finalized strategic alliances with business groups as Andi, SAC, Acoset, Fenalco, Analdex, and Asopartes, to support the most needy rural school community. This year, the ICT Ministry Program will train 12,000 teachers in educational appropriation of technology, to replicate this knowledge among their students.

(Source: MINTIC - Colombia)
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