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 Thursday, 24 March 2011
The Ministry of Telecommunication and Information Society shared yesterday the experiences of Brazil in the project "Digital City". The presentation was made by Mr. Marcos Biazotto, representative of the company “Trópico”, who explained about the need to walk hand in hand with technology in this digitized world.

The telecommunications market has significant changes, as every day the IP networks is developing, they are the platform or protocol that is currently used to carry information.

This standard of communication, that is independent of the physical connection, such as wire network, to provide services such as broadcast television to consumers, can also be used to send emails, surf the Internet and even to monitor a network camera, sending live images from another part of the world.

Moreover, these features are also available to other physical networks, for example, telephone network, the mobile telephone, the satellite and computer networks, without needing another platform, because it transforms the information and leads to different sectors society, with ease and safety, reducing costs to the state and the user.

It is unthinkable to conceive of the society without an efficient network that converges on the digitalization, which occurs on a global scale and change the way they communicate with both people and devices. It is for this reason that Ecuador is prepared it and runs a macro project "Strategy Digital Ecuador" implemented by the Ministry of Telecommunication and Information Society, which seeks to eradicate the digital illiteracy, including the citizens in this process exchange. The Convergence is here and its benefits are real, said the Minister Jaime Guerrero Ruiz.

(Source: Mintel Ecuador)

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