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 Tuesday, 22 February 2011

The Ministry of Environment and the Telecommunications company Claro, have signed an agreement that aims to create a platform for inter-agency collaboration to implement mechanisms for coordination and cooperation, promoting the activities of mutual interest and benefit, for the purpose of disseminating issues linked to environmental management and conservation and sustainable use of natural resources.

In this context, CLARO has been developing some time ago its iniciative "I recycle, I'm Claro" initiative that seeks to promote concern for environmental care in the population through responsible disposal of cell phones, batteries and accessories in disuse , nationwide.

In Peru, electronic waste (RAEE) such as cell phones, for example, generate about 250 tons of electronic waste, stored improperly, cause environmental damage and health of people due to the high toxicity of its small components produced based on metals and minerals such as aluminum, copper, iron, zinc, lead, tin, among others.

In this regard, the Ministry of Environment undertakes to support all initiatives and events undertaken in the framework of this strategic alliance for the benefit of a better quality of life and environment for all Peruvians.

 For its part, CLARO, through such actions, seeks to implement the necessary mechanisms to strengthen the culture of recycling in the country, while providing all the Peruvians a sustainable alternative to discard all those teams that are no longer used in a responsible manner, without causing further damage to the environment.

(Source:MINAM - Peru)

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