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 Saturday, 11 December 2010

With this project of education, the Dominican Telecommunications Institute (Indotel) next to the Orange Foundation, and Dynamic Stimulation and Digital Literacy (EDAD) have dual purpose: to prevent cognitive decline in older persons and promote the use of technology systems for social integration.

The convention was attended by the Chairman of the Board of Indotel, Dr. David Perez Taveras; Indotel executive director, Dr. Joelle Exarhakos, Mr. Andrés Ferreira and Manuel Gimeno from the Orange Foundation, which discussed the possibility of implement this project without cost in the digital classrooms that Indotel has created.

Older people form a group that usually live outside of the Information Society, despite constituting an increasingly important part of our population and have much free time at home, they can take advantage of ICT access to information, administrative management or shop online from home, contact with other seniors or their family members and enrich their leisure activities. In addition, the use of computer requires a proactive that can stimulate the cognitive abilities of older people but also by helping to keep the mind in the exercise.

To meet these needs, researchers of the Department of Educational Psychology, Faculty of Education at the Complutense University of Madrid (UCM), with the support of the Orange Foundation, has developed this draft of Stimulation Dynamics and Digital Literacy ( EDAD) and in alliance with Indotel to use the Computer Training Center as a platform to teach these courses in the 32 provinces of the country, encouraging the use of technology systems for the social integration and prevent cognitive decline in older people.

What is the Project “EDAD”?
EDAD Project (Stimulation Dynamic and Digital Literacy) is defined as a free course, available through the Internet, for older people to meet and learn to use the computer with a dual purpose: to prevent cognitive decline and promote social integration through the use of technology systems.
The “EDAD” Project is based on the design of a specific methodology adapted to the needs of the elderly, offering a training program that allows easy access to the world of technology and, in turn, strengthens their mental functions as memory, thinking or solving problems.

(Source: Indotel - Dominican Republic)
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