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 Friday, 10 December 2010

Through an interactive video link with students on the schools, which benefit today, Hector Slim Seade, General Director of Teléfonos de Mexico (Telmex) and the lawyer Alfredo del Mazo, Mayor of Huixquilucan, put into operation four digital classrooms, as well as Free public access places of Infinitum mobile Internet service on the esplanade of the City, the Garden of Culture and two Schools of Bachelors.

These digital classrooms will directly benefit to 3,900 students per month, because these places are fully enabled with computer equipment, next-generation broadband connectivity in 4Mgbps Infinitum and educational software, developed by the company and the Technology Institute of Massachusetts (MIT), for the optimum use and maximum utilization of equipment. Moreover, with mobile WiFi service in public places also benefits the general population of the town with a tool for advanced communications technology.

The opened digital classrooms are located in public libraries of Colonia Palo Solo and Magdalena Chichicaspa and in the Youth Care Agency of Barrio de San Martín and Colonia San Fernando. These four digital classrooms have more than 109 desktop computer equipment and laptops, printers and scanners, as well as video projectors, cameras and video, monocular biological microscope, interactive globe with pen and all the necessary furniture for operation.

Through these classes, they provide to children, parents, students and teachers of schools; access to information technology through workshops and complementary to traditional educational programs, taught by highly qualified staff.

Similarly, with the free operation of mobile Internet access in public places, Teléfonos de Mexico, seeks, that the general public have free and widespread access to global network of knowledge.

(Source: Telmex, Mexico)

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